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Why SEO & PPC often go hand-in-hand

July 2, 2021

To some, SEO & PPC might just sound like acronym buzzwords, but both are vital cogs in your marketing machine.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) both revolve around search engine rankings, but they are often considered as two separate entities. In our opinion, you should consider a campaign that utilises both SEO & PPC, as this can be effective in a number of ways. Below we have listed just three of the ways these two strategies mesh well:

  1. Find effective keywords: Having both campaigns up and running will give you a lot of data to work through. You have the potential to be able to draw a lot of results from these, for example if you have a PPC campaign running and one particular keyword has a high click through rate, you can deduce that a lot of people are searching for that term. While in the short-term you are already getting visits for this keyword, this knowledge allows you to tweak your SEO strategy for the future. Optimising your keyword list allows you to ensure you are always showing in results for appropriate keywords.
  2. Help improve your social media: Over the recent years you will have surely noticed the increasing number of Facebook ads, twitter sponsored ads & LinkedIn marketing intervals. These are the next logical step for PPC and are a great tool for creating a social media feed that is interesting to your viewers. Not only can this help you gain more instant traffic but knowing your target market can actually help you improve your entire SEO project.
  3. Get yourself seen: Getting your website seen amongst the millions of sites out there is already hard enough, but it gets harder if you only focus on SEO or PPC. SEO is a long-term goal, which is great, but that does not help you in the short term where you still need to generate clicks and leads. That is the power of targeted PPC campaigns can help you gain a short-term boost while your SEO slowly improves you in the background.

When used together, SEO & PPC are sure to offer benefits to your company. Here at Total SEO, we could help you run both campaigns in a way that will allow both to flourish. If you are interested in learning more, please get yourself a free review today.

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