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Why is your website not on page one of Google?

August 15, 2013

The team here at are here to help if you need to get your website higher in Google.

In the current digital era, any UK business owner with a website needs to ensure they have a strong presence on the first page of Google in order to get plenty of new business from being found online, if your website isn’t on the first page you need to ask yourself why and take steps to put this right.


With millions of people searching online for products and services it really is crucial that potential customers find your business, but making sure this happens can be easier said than done.


5 quick tips to help get you onto the first page of Google


Keep your ear to the ground – Google regularly updates the complex algorithm it uses to rank where websites appear in search results, make sure you keep up to date with changes in Google and follow their best practice guidelines, this will ensure you don’t fall foul of a penalty and stand the best chances of moving up the search engine rankings.


Be perceived as interesting – If Google can see lots of other websites are linking to you, it will start to believe that your site is an authority in its field and has engaging, interesting content that others want to share and link to, it is important to ensure any inbound backlinks are from quality websites (not link farms or spam sites) and ideally from sites that are related to what the business does. In essence, the more quality links, the more kudos you will get from Google.


Write and publish fresh, engaging content – Google rewards quality content, the more original, engaging content you can publish on the site, the more you will be rewarded, make sure content is not duplicated and is rich with the keywords you want to appear high in searches for.


Meta Data – Make sure your keywords are included within your meta titles and meta descriptions throughout your website, it is important they are on the most relevant pages and tie in with the content on the specific pages.


Internal links – In the same way that links from other websites help your site, so do links from internal pages to other pages on your site, get your internal link structure right and you will score points with Google.


With SEO changing all the time, it is important to have the right strategy in place, more and more businesses are using the services of an expert optimisation company like us, not only does this save a considerable amount of time, it delivers excellent results, more website visitors and more new business.


We can help your business get higher in Google, find out more by simply requesting a free review of your website here

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