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What is FTP Access and why do we need it?

July 29, 2013

FTP Access – What is it and why do we need it?

When we start an SEO campaign we will often ask you to provide us with FTP Access.

FTP is the protocol used to transfer files (data) from a computer to a website or visa versa, it stands for File Transfer Protocol, with the SEO service that we provide we often need to add extra information behind the scenes to complete your website and make it as Google friendly as possible.

When we ask for FTP login details what do we need?

We will need from you the following information:
FTP username
FTP password
FTP Host

The FTP host is normally the same as your website address, sometimes it might appear as an IP address in the following format The username and password will have been given to you by your hosting company or your web developer.

What login details are not used by the FTP servers:

Depending on the construction of your website you might have a CMS (Content Management System) the login details for this are different from your FTP details, we do require these details as well, but these are in addition to the FTP login details.

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