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SEO Mythbusting With Google’s New YouTube Series

May 10, 2019

Developers and SEO experts have always faced challenges relating to their communication and the application of their respective fields. The questions that are posed and queried by companies involved in SEO rarely have a cut and dry answer, but that may soon change. Google have decided to tackle the myths, misconceptions and questions that remain unanswered in the world of SEO through their upcoming SEO Mythbusting series on YouTube.

One week after Google I/O – the annual developer conference held by Google in the United States – the Google Webmasters account on YouTube will start answering those mysterious questions for all to see through videos. The trailer promised to give greater insight into the world of SEO for businesses, developers and SEO experts in the hope of clarifying the things that we know while affirming our concerns about certain SEO practices.

You may be looking forward to understanding more about SEO, getting to grips with the behind-the-scenes gossip and working to see how you can use that information in your business. As the series nears – it’s set for uploading and release in the week commencing May 13, 2019 – you have time to prepare the notepad and take in those discussions at full concentration.

The series is hosted by Martin Splitt and he will be joined by professionals across the industry, SEO communities and developers to break down the questions that burn in the back of all online content creators, service providers, e-commerce site owners and everyone in between. It is certain to uncover and clarify important elements for your business, but how can you put those into practice?

Turning Google’s new series, SEO Mythbusting, into a starting pistol for your SEO

Not many people can claim to be experts in SEO. As it changes, evolves and Google’s algorithms make a shift, it is integral that you are in contact with people that can help you make sense of everything. SEO Mythbusting is certain to open your eyes to the world of SEO and help to enlighten you about things you never considered, but an SEO team could help to apply and translate those aspects to your own online presence.

At Total SEO we are looking forward to confirming our practices and ensuring that we are a leading SEO service for businesses. No matter the industry and whether you have used SEO before, you will receive bespoke help and support to better your SEO practices in relation to Google.

The often-secretive nature of Google is something that many users have wanted to reveal over the past few years and their latest series will look to bust myths which are always questions marks, even for the biggest businesses in the world. This gives greater awareness to consumers and allows every business owner to take the first step into SEO with confidence.

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