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How We Have Received So Many Positive Total SEO Reviews


If you have found us online and you are wondering just how we have gone about getting so many positive reviews on independent websites and our company pages, then the answer is simple. We strive to ensure our clients are 100% happy with the service and results we deliver. From this approach, it’s seen the number of Total SEO reviews skyrocket over the last few years and long may it continue!

Our Methods:

So, if you are wondering how on earth we have achieved so many positive Total SEO reviews, then read on, it’s all in our method:

Step 1 – Account Manager

When we receive an initial SEO related enquiry from a new client, they will instantly be assigned with one of our account managers. This person will work with the client throughout their time with us.

Step 2 – Fact-finding

The second step to providing a successful SEO service to our clients is in-depth fact-finding. Your assigned account manager will take the time to find out everything they can about your business, which includes the products and/or services you offer along with what makes you unique from your competition.

Step 3 – Keyword Research

Once your account manager has a thorough grasp of your business, we will then be able to conduct keyword & keyphrase research. We do this by using our industry experience and also analysing your competitors who are currently ranking higher than you in the search engines.

Step 4 – Implementation

After the fact-finding and research have both been completed, the real fun begins! We start the implementation of your SEO. This includes creating new meta data, optimising your current onsite content, regularly creating SEO focused articles and blogs to go on your site, creating high-quality links to your site and much more!

Step 5 – Review

One of the main reasons we feel that there are so many positive Total SEO reviews online is because of step 5. We don’t shy away from our work and we present our progress to you on a monthly basis. You’ll be able to see how well your site is moving up the search engines for your chosen keywords and phrases.

There is obviously a lot more that goes into our work, but we just wanted to give a little inside information of what our processes look like and what you can expect if you decide to choose us as your SEO agency. 

Tell us about your website

We love looking at websites and will tell you how to improve your Google position.

Tell us about your website

We love looking at websites and will tell you how to improve your Google position.