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Google Search Page Gets New Look

November 8, 2012

Google Search Page Gets New Look

Google is about to introduce a new look to their search results page in the UK.

The search giant has already released the latest version of their search page in the US and it is expected to be rolled out in the UK very soon.

The changed layout sees the left hand sidebar with options including Web, Images, Maps, Videos, News and Shopping removed and relocated to the top of the results page, underneath the search box, which is pretty much where it was in the first place.

The New Look Search Results Page

Google received a fair amount of criticism when they introduced the left hand sidebar as many Google users felt the page was too busy and were frustrated that it made it difficult if they wanted to quickly switch between a web search and another kind of search (News or Shopping for example) as they had been used to quickly navigating to the top of the page for such a long time and had to train themselves to go to the left sidebar instead.

Google have said that the decision to remove the left hand sidebar is to provide a “simpler, cleaner design” and “more breathing room” and to give “more focus on the answers you’re looking for”, while making the whole internet searching experience consistent across web, smartphones and tablets.

This change means that websites listed on page one of Google will benefit by standing out more on the page, as there will soon be no “clutter” on the left hand side to distract searchers away from the search results, this should result in more searchers clicking on the websites showing on page one and in turn result in more website traffic and new business from being found online.

There has never been a better time to make sure your website is on the front page of Google and having a strong search engine optimisation strategy in place should play a major part in making sure you get there.

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