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Fast, Reliable Website Hosting

September 27, 2012
We Now Offer, Fast, Reliable Website Hosting When you run a business, you need to ensure your website is live and up and running at all times, this means having fast, reliable website hosting with a provider you can trust. Failure to keep your site online will not only result in a loss of business, […]

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

August 23, 2012
When starting a new search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign on a website, a common question we are asked is how long will it take to see the site on the front page of Google, good question! If you have a strong SEO strategy in place involving all of the following (and more): Keyword Analysis Competitor […]

Do You Have a Backup of Your Website?

August 10, 2012
I speak to a lot of website owners and I am always surprised at how many of them don’t have a backup of their website and don’t realise the dangers of not keeping one. If you don’t have a backup of your website and the files are deleted from your host server then the site […]

Google Penguin – Why Content Matters

July 16, 2012
You may have heard about the latest Google search update, it is called Google Penguin and was designed to mainly target websites that have “over optimised”, the kind of sites that have suffered with a drop in the search rankings on the back of the Google Penguin update are mainly those that have used aggressive […]

Google Update Targets Over Optimisation

May 5, 2012
Google has recently updated their search algorithm, the latest update is called “Penguin” and it has already affected over 3% of English search queries, causing some sites to drop sharply in the search engine results. The update has been described by Google as a “Spring Clean” and appears to have been designed to target websites […]

Google Chrome Becomes “Multi Device” Browser

April 11, 2012
Users of the Google Chrome internet browser will soon be able to access tabs and recent browsing history on other devices, so long as they are signed in to their Google account. The new feature is aimed at internet users who go online via multiple devices, including smartphones, iPads and laptops. A post on the […]

Google to Overhaul Search Results

March 15, 2012
Google is having one of the biggest overhauls of their search engine results to date and now plans on giving searchers more than just a “list of links”. Media reports say that Google will not be replacing the current keyword-search system, which determines the importance of a website based on the relevance, quality of content, […]

Google Downgrades Websites with Adverts

February 10, 2012
If your website carries a lot of adverts you may find that you will be facing a drop in the Google search results in the coming weeks, in fact, some advert carrying websites have already been hit hard. Google have updated their search algorithm to target websites that have high levels of adverts and there […]

Use Opt in E-mail Marketing to Get More Business

January 18, 2012
We can help you win more new business with targeted email marketing campaigns to our “double opt in” database of UK businesses. Our e-mail marketing campaigns are sent directly to the key decision makers within the businesses you want to target and you can choose the campaign parameters to ensure your e-mail message reaches the […]

How Many Links Do I Need To My Website?

December 12, 2011
“How Many Links Do I Need To My Website?” is a question most people looking to get their site onto the front page of Google or any of the other major search engines will likely ask themselves at some point. Links are an important element of achieving success at the top of the search engines, […]

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