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You Can Increase Your Google Ranking With Social Media

September 4, 2013

Get Better Google Rankings with Social Media

Recent updates to the Google algorithm mean that businesses can take advantage of social media to potentially achieve better rankings in the search results.

Google now, more than ever before, takes into account the social media activity of individual websites and this plays a part in how they are scored when Google determines where they are placed in search results.

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On top of this, anyone with a business website should ensure they have a strong social media presence in order to generate a highly effective stream of new leads and new business. You should not just rely on getting found on search engines, as social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter can be very powerful when used correctly and effectively.

Business owners need to ensure they have a strong social media plan in place, here’s a few reasons why it is time to pay attention to social media if you want to perform really well in Google.

  • Facebook is the number one visited site on the whole of the web (even over Google), so if you aren’t already on here as a business you really should be, as you will be missing out. It is a great way to gain additional exposure and also deliver up to the minute information alongside offers and other useful content to people who like your business page.
  • YouTube, owned by Google, as with all social media, can have a direct impact on your SEO campaign if used correctly, videos can be optimised in similar ways that images can be. You can also embed them into your website and if they are popular, they will go viral, getting your company name in front of a much broader range of potential clients.
  • Twitter – Instant and direct messaging with your followers and potential clients, use it on the road, share thoughts, useful information and images. Best of all, it allows you to show a more human and personal side of your business and to react to trending topics.
  • Instagram / Pinterest / Flickr – Share pictures of your day to day business life, images get shared more than anything else on the web and usually this is on social media networks.
  • Google+ – This should be an obvious one, this is Googles own social media platform and alongside YouTube this is really important to have a presence on if you are serious about getting your business found online, link this to map listings, get reviews of your business and it all helps come together to improve your standing in the overall search results.

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