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Why Quality Content is Important

June 4, 2021

If you want to rank well on Google, content will be a huge part of your success. Content is a key part of any good SEO campaign, so it is vital you get it right. High quality content is not only one of the main ways to make use of your keyword research, but the content will be what earns you backlinks and good content that answers the topic at hand in a concise manner can launch you to the top of Google through their ‘answer box’.

‘Quality Content’ can be defined as content that achieves your marketing goal, whatever they may be. Whether you want to improve click-through rates, rank well on search engines, or get social shares, a piece of content that achieves any (or all) of these marketing objectives is quality content.

Creating quality content means writing content that increases the authority and relevance of your content, thus improving its ranking for the related keywords. While you should always write your content for your human readers, you need to have Googles best practices & algorithm ranking factors in the back of your mind when creating every piece.

There are a few steps you should consider when writing your content:

  • Make sure you use your main keyword phrase in the title, as well as in the introductory paragraph if possible. Further, your main keyword and its various parts should be scattered (without being spammy) all over the content of your web page or blog post.
  • Utilise LSI Keywords when necessary. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, and these are keywords that are related to your main keyword. Use these if you feel you are overusing your main keywords.
  • Use your keywords (including LSI keywords) as anchor text when linking to other blog posts & pages on your site.

In 2021, the best way to write content is to understand who you are writing for. In your blogs you want to endeavour to focus on a particular topic, whether this be something your reader is struggling with or a general answer to a question. While it is still important to utilise your keywords appropriately, you need to ensure you don’t go overboard and engage in keyword stuffing.

To make your content as informative as possible, don’t be afraid to link to other sites as well as other pages on your own site – providing they provide relevant information. If you link out to high authority sites & pages, Google will take notice of this.

When writing content, make sure you consider the following:

  • What keywords do you want to target? You need to ensure that you have a comprehensive list of the right keywords and phrases that you want to use. Long tailed keywords can be especially effective when used well in content. These search terms should be the terms your customers and visitors are most likely to use when trying to find your site or a service/product that you offer.
  • Ensure that any content you write offers a solution to the reader. At the end of the day the only reason your content exists is to serve your prospective customers, so it is important that your content offers value to them.
  • Make sure you promote your content well. Share it on all your social networks to increase the eyeballs that might view it. Further this may well help you acquire organic, high quality backlinks.

As a final point, we want to reiterate that ultimately your content needs to offer value above & beyond being good for SEO. Over recent years, Google has been penalising sites that provide “thin”, low-value content. Make sure your content is engaging, well thought out & answers the reader’s question.

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