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Why Organise Your SEO Before Black Friday And Cyber Monday

November 12, 2018

The now-infamous tradition of Black Friday has spread its way across the world in recent years. This event is boiled down to slashed prices by the biggest retailers and special discounts in store and online. Black Friday has also become synonymous with the videos of 100s of people clamouring for a TV, but many are now instead switching to the calmness and, admit it, excitement of Cyber Monday.

The biggest online shopping period of the year, the weekend of Black Friday through to Cyber Monday can be an important method of selling more and shifting stock on your e-commerce site. The statistics are there for all to see with 2017 smashing all previous sales records in the US. Let this sink in: over the 24 hours Americans spent $5billion online during Black Friday 2017. Your business has a chance to take advantage of the increased visitors to your site by preparing it for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 with the careful use of SEO and PPC.

What tactics helped websites in 2017 over Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The success of your business over this time is down to preparing your website for the influx of searches for specific Black Friday offers., who analysed the US Cyber Monday frenzy last year, suggested that a number of specific features contributed to websites thriving in this period. From Facebook Advertising, niche PPC campaigns and content and commerce integration through to optimising the checkout of your site and organising your stock, websites were able to attract and retain customers to their website.

Of course, many people may be attracted by the huge companies with TV time, billboard space and radio advertising, but there are plenty of people who will be frantically searching for niche and specific deals and offers over the weekend. This may be the best way for your e-commerce site to excel in this time.

How do people search for items over Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

As Christmas approaches, there is an acceptance by visitors that most companies will be taking part in the online aspect of Cyber Monday at least. Therefore, it would be silly not to consider how you can improve your SEO practices and PPC in preparation. The most popular search term last year, as explained by The Telegraph, was ‘Black Friday 2017’ and this is conducive to a market that is looking to strike lucky with a big company like Amazon, Argos, supermarkets and more to find a special offer.

However, it is the websites that are ranking for niche terms that will be able to gain the biggest advantage over its competition after individuals have finished with the larger e-commerce sites. We can expect to see a number of searches coming in your direction with the additional words of ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ – no matter what your e-commerce site is selling – so adding content, spreading the word about your offers and making your experience seamless could make all the difference this year.

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