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What does Google’s mobile changes mean for your website?

October 13, 2017

Google’s Mobile-first Index – What does it mean for you?

Google is planning a major change to the way it ranks websites in 2018, so making sure you’re prepared early is vital.

A vast majority of searches in 2017 on Google are via mobile devices.  Starting some time in the first quarter of 2018, Google will begin judging your websites ability to rank on both desktop and mobile devices on your mobile performance.

Google has been trending this way for a number of years, all the way back to 2015 when Google first included mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, an update that was dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’.

What is the Mobile-first Index?

In short, Google will start ranking sites based on their mobile performance rather than their desktop performance.

The key thing to know here is that if you already have a mobile responsive site – meaning a website that serves the same URL loading the same content that is simply tailored to a different screen size, your rankings are unlikely to change.

If, however, you have a more limited mobile site, that is where we may see some ranking fluctuations – especially if you offer less content and lower functionality than the desktop counterpart.

What Do I Do About It?

If your site is already responsive – then the answer is do nothing! You’ll be fine moving into the Mobile-first Index.

However, if you have a site that either offers different content on non-desktop devices or is not optimal, our recommendation is to start planning mobile improvements or a move to a responsive design as early as possible.

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