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Three Trends To Look Out For In 2019

January 2, 2019

Preparing your website for the changes in SEO is an almost impossible job on your own. Every time you think that you have learned everything there is to know, there will be an update, an algorithm alteration or a completely new feature to get the hang of and understand. To guide you through some of the aspects that you will notice as we head into 2019 and as the year develops, our team at Total SEO have uncovered and dug through the latest trends to get your website prepared.

To unearth the latest trends for you to maximise your SEO output, here are three of the top things to know:

  1. User intent for Google: As our main focus at Total SEO centres around Google, we are always on the search for changes in how the search engine functions and how this information can help ensure your website is SEO-friendly and attractive to every user. One of these biggest changes from Google has been the shift to understand the intent of each user. They are looking to develop ways to ensure that when someone searches for a term that they are fulfilled with the information they are presented with, the content they refer them to and the site users click through to.

    Relevant content for your keywords, the development of product pages and the clarity that every user is looking for can make your website more attractive from Google’s point of view. If you can understand the information someone searching for your product needs, then you are already one step ahead for 2019.

  2. Voice first searching: They became an instant gimmick, they were largely seen as a joke, but voice searching is the present and future. The rise of people using voice first searching (opening their mobile or tablet device to search for something) across the world has put greater pressure on the content on your site to appeal to these search terms and the words people use.

    When people search using their voice they will aim to get a clear and straightforward answer. Your job is to have a set of answers awaiting them for their questions. Whether it be ‘where is the best hairdressers near me?’ or ‘what’s the nearest restaurant to me?’ you will want to be chosen as the snippet that Google shows following a voice search.

  3. SERP updates in 2018: The results page on Google is one of the most hotly contested areas on the internet because even the most reputable websites can find themselves lower down due to a range of factors. To make it even harder, Google are always changing the parameters that place a website, page or blog post in the best positions when a user searches for something.

    You may have seen the alterations for businesses with opening hours, hotel location scores, price range, flight prices, FAQs for companies and comparison options on Google in recent months. You must keep your eye on any SERP updates to see if something affects your sector or business.

If you would like to discuss these changes, discover more about our services and understand how we can prepare your website for 2019, get a free website review today.

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