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Three SEO Trends To Track And Work With In 2019

April 24, 2019

The entire industry is saturated with tips and tricks on how to make the most of your SEO practices. Many of them will be relevant to your business and others may not fit the way you want to move forward. It’s always important to talk with an SEO professional who is trained to understand how to make your website stand out from the rest and it’s vital to be able to sift through the amount of information we need to process about those three little words: search engine optimisation.

One of the most important areas to place a focus on when researching what the best avenue is for your business is the trends. Whatever is trending soon becomes the norm. This applies to social media, websites, advertising and more because digital marketing bends and moulds itself to the trends we notice and the ones that captivate and attract are more than likely going to become the standard shortly after. So, with that in mind what should your business be looking out for and setting the foundations for in 2019?

Here are three things to take a better look at to improve your website and SEO practices:

1) Video marketing: Whether you have products for sale, or you run a service, videos are a great way of engaging with potential customers, explaining in simple terms and bringing a personal feeling to your website. Websites that have videos such as how to use your product or videos of your product in use are more likely to achieve sales while you will also be increasing your customer’s awareness of your products. Video marketing is also useful for your social media output. Upload your videos to YouTube and share them across your social media pages to start attacking on all fronts.

2) Visual content: Leading from the video marketing side of things, our eyes are more likely to be caught by quick facts, statistics and product features, rather than long-form product information or service pages. The best combination of ensuring your customers get the information that they need is to use graphs, colourful statistic, offers or just focus a little more on using bold and underlined content to attract the eyes of your customers with the required information. It is a step in the right direction to improve the performance and stickiness of your website.

3) Content sharing: While it may not necessarily be a new trend, blog posts and content are ever-increasingly important to let you cover all bases. Monthly blogging can bring new customers closer to your site through search rankings while those customers already on your social media pages can be enlightened by this fresh and new content. With long-form and expressive posts, you have the chance to explain and expand on your services, products, latest releases and industry news while understanding you are heading in the right direction SEO wise. There are many different trends to understand in the world of SEO, so if you are interested in beginning an SEO journey with trained professionals, our team at Total SEO can help to guide you through it.

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