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Three Reasons To Merge SEO And PPC Together

March 4, 2019

Three-letter acronyms can easily get confused and become muddled in our minds. Business is full of them and while it tries to simplify our explanations, it can end up making us search for what the words stand for. This confusion extends past just the acronyms when it comes to PPC and SEO. Two buzzwords in the world of digital marketing and two vital cogs in the working machine of your company.

SEO and PPC both rotate around the axis of search engine rankings, but they are often regarded as two separate entities. We believe that creating a campaign that encompasses both SEO and PPC in one can be effective in a number of ways. To help you understand, here are three simple reasons why the two of them go hand in hand during your search journey:

1. Optimise your keyword list: Two campaigns working simultaneously will give you a lot of data to sift through. If a lot of people are clicking through to your site through a specific PPC campaign, you can note that more users are searching for that term. The short-term impact of PPC can be used to improve and enhance your SEO strategy for the future. Optimising your keyword list is an effective way of ensuring that you have a set of keywords which people are searching for and that will guide people towards the right services; namely, services that you are able to offer them.

2. Boost your social media: You will have noticed the increasing number of Facebook ads, Twitter sponsored ads and LinkedIn marketing intervals. These are the evolving world of PPC and are a great tool for creating a unique social media feed which is both interesting and enticing. This is great instantly to help you attract more customers, but it can boost your SEO campaign by utilising the data which can be gathered through social media. If you know the target market that are accessing your ads, you will be better placed to offer personalised and more suitable marketing in the future, therefore aiding your entire SEO project.

3. Get seen: Being visible among the mass of websites and adverts is hard enough, but it’s even more difficult if you are focusing on just one side of SEO and PPC. SEO is a long-term process that aims to naturally enhance your rankings. That is perfect, but during the interim, you may not be gaining clicks or generating leads for your website. That’s where the power of targeted PPC campaigns can help you to gain a significant short-term boost and guide people to your website. It is then your job to ensure that your SEO work follows this line and can eventually help you to create more effective PPC campaigns.

The cycle of SEO and PPC and the use of them together will be sure to offer benefits for your company. Our team at Total SEO can work to merge these two vital points in your company by creating a complete campaign. To begin, get a free website review today.

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