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Three Huge Changes Planned For Google

May 31, 2019

Google are often on the front of every news feed as people clamber for the best possible tips and hints to get them ahead with their website online. Whether they are looking to boost their website’s ranking or find out what is most likely to change in the coming months, it’s watched by people from across the world.

Representatives at Google recently discussed their plans and how they are going to develop their service to offer the best support for every user.

Three of the biggest changes and alterations announced in the way Google will function in the coming months and years are explained below.

Here are three changes to expect from Google in the future:

1. Mobile first searching: Google have set their sights on transforming their mobile-first site index from 50% to the full 100%. This is a growing trend written into the way that we search for things online. Whenever someone doesn’t know an answer, the question goes straight into the search bar for Google to cope with. This means that getting your site towards completely mobile friendliness is vital and will help to give you a head start when mobile sites are the main port of call for users.

2. Augmented Reality and 3D searching: It seems too futuristic to believe that 3D or augmented reality (AR) could be used by Google. The technology is already popular and used by Ikea, RayBan, Pokemon Go and Google’s very own Sky Map, but it is now going to give you the chance to see search results in 3D and in your environment. Interesting.

3. Image searching: Around a quarter of their union address at the Google event was about image topics. The ability to instantly understand a word and translate it into an image is something that Google believes can get users to their destination online quicker than ever before. Optimising images, their text and the meta data around them will give Google the best chance of understanding the context of those images.

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