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Mobile-Centric SEO Practices To Help Your Business Prosper In 2019

November 26, 2018

It appears every time we think that we know everything about SEO something else comes into our periphery vision. Your website will have the potential to become a leader in your field, but it will need guidance on this journey from a team who understand how to squeeze every last drop of possible power from it.

Mobiles are, unsurprisingly, high on the list for SEO practices for a number of reasons. It’s easy to search on a mobile, it can be quicker than a laptop and because our lives are in general more mobile-centric.

Therefore, your website must be suited to users who arrive on mobile and be more applicable to Google. As 2019 nears and your business looks to upgrade its SEO practices, we want to give you advice on what to do in terms of your mobile output. Here are three reasons to turn your attention to your mobile site in terms of SEO in 2019:

1) Voice search popularity: It may have seemed like a fad a few years ago as Siri started talking back to us. This fad has, nonetheless, become an important tool for younger searchers who are increasing the amount that voice searches for products and services. The simpler search terms that are used when communicating through voice searches mean that simpler search terms are increasingly important. There is a growing number of purchases and searches coming solely through voice search and it’s vital you are flexible to this area of SEO.

2) Smarter advertising: A long-term problem for websites when they are translated into mobile sites is the existence and placement of adverts. We’ve all tried to access a site where three popups and two enlarged advertisements engulf us with information on deals, offers and more without getting us any closer to what we are looking for. This is where it is vital to use advertising tailored to your mobile site to increase the chances that visitors will find exactly what they are looking for instantly, without being held back by popups that require a pinpoint finger touch.

3) Mobile content is changing: The trends for SEO may change a lot but content remains at a fairly normal level. When it comes to mobile content, the use of featured snippets has become important for Google. Used by the search engine to make it easier for users to find the answers to their questions, you can benefit from writing more engaging mobile content. This means that FAQ pages and content that answers questions are becoming more likely to become a snippet for search engine users to find.

The way your mobile site functions are becoming more and more important for your users, potential customers and clients. They will be looking for a company such as you to answer their questions and provide them with the support they need, whether they use voice search, return to your site or pose a question to Google.

To maximise the potential of your mobile site and to ensure you are well-prepared for the likely trends of 2019, it pays to invest in your SEO practices. Mobile SEO with our professionals at Total SEO can help you to create a plan of action towards a sticky and mobile-friendly website.

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