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June is a Busy Month For Updates

June 18, 2021

Google has been busy in June rolling out numerous updates that have the potential to cause major shake ups for your rankings.

Their June 2021 Core Update has officially finished being rolled out. The update started on the 2nd June and was finished by the 12th, meaning it took roughly ten days to fully roll out. A core update is where Google makes significant & broad changes to the search algorithms and systems. These are designed to ensure that Google continues to deliver on their mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.

These updates can provide some pretty noticeable effects, so don’t be surprised if you find your sites rankings fluctuating suddenly! There is nothing wrong with this & it doesn’t mean your site is being punished in any way. It simply means that the update has unearthed some pages that were previously under-rewarded, shooting them up the rankings and dropping you in the process.

Google is continuing to release updates, with two further large updates planned in the coming months. There is another Core Update coming in July, featuring elements that Google claimed were not ready to ship with the June update.

Further to this, Google have also started rolling out the page experience update we spoke about previously. This started rolling out on June 15th and will take until the end of August 2021 to completely roll out.

Just as a reminder, this update is the one that will have Google begin to use page experience as a ranking factor. This means several page experience signals, including the Core Web Vitals, will need to be looked at by all website owners to ensure they’re not negatively impacting their site.

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