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How to Increase Your Sales & New Business

November 10, 2014

As a business owner it can be a constant battle trying to generate new enquiries and convert them into sales and new customers.

However, many business owners can improve the amount of new business they get by taking some simple steps that will make a huge difference.

Below are a handful of the top tips to help you win more new business, if you would like to know more, speak to our friendly team.

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Target Your Existing Clients

Often overlooked, one of the best ways to grow

ddddYou have already done the hard bit with your existing customers and the chances are that they already like your brand and trust you as a business. This means they are more likely to buy from you, as you have already overcome many of the initial objections a new customer would have.

Think about how you can get more out of your current client base, for example, offer them other services that compliment what they have already purchased from you. You can also offer promotions and special discounts via email newsletters or standard mail, this ensures you keep your brand name in front of your clients on a regular basis.

Promote Your Website

dddIt sounds obvious, but making sure your website is visible in searches will ensure plenty of visitors come to the site and see what you have to offer.

If your site is correctly set up, you will appear in Google when people search for relevant keywords, this in turn should convert into plenty of traffic, new enquiries and more business for you.

There are a number of ways to ensure your website gets onto page one of Google, find out more here.

Ask for Referrals

Build and develop relationships

refThere are usually other businesses who are dealing with the same sort of customers you want, these people are your target audience, it can be fairly easy to develop relationships with other businesses and refer work to each other.

As an example, a hairdresser may form a relationship with a beauty salon or spa.

Think about what businesses would have the same customers as you and reach out to them, this can be a great way of picking up new clients.

Reduce Your Prices

Sounds odd, but this can help you growreduce

Ensuring your products or services are competitively priced is vital, obviously you don’t want to be perceived as cheap, however, it is important to test pricing levels and find out where the ‘sweet spot’ is.

It is often the case that a slightly reduced price will result in more business and more profit as you achieve more sales.

Without testing, you will never know.

Target Niche Markets

20141107094308291_300_223_1_0Be the big fish in a small pond

By targeting smaller, defined groups of customers you can appear as a niche provider of a specialist service or product.

You can also become the big fish in a small pond, there is no need to just target one pond, target as many different niches as you can.

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