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How to get the best links to your website

November 12, 2014

The best links to your website, the ones we call “Golden Backlinks” are from websites that are highly trusted by Google, these are generally, newspapers, educational establishments and government agencies, the kind of places you usually can’t get listed on without a lot of luck or knowing someone on the inside.

Well, this isn’t the case, it can be easier than you think.

Obviously there are many sources where you can get medium-weight links to your site, such as business directories, forums and blogs, all of which serve a purpose,  but you also need a few super valuable links coming to your site, this can set you apart from your competitors.

Just one golden link can make a huge difference to how much trust and credibility your site has when Google ranks it in search results.

So, how do you get a link like this for your website?

The first step is to reach out to potential sources of these links, we managed to get some brilliant links for some of our clients by contacting Universities, offering discounts to their staff and students, in return for a mention on their site, this worked really well and we got some links from a number of locations, see screenshot below as an example:

Total SEO University Links

The sky is the limit in terms of who you can reach out to, another great way to source high value links is to submit press releases and content to newspapers and media outlets, they are always looking for interesting new stories, plus, if you get one published it can generate a lot of extra publicity for your business.

Below is a story we managed to get published in the Guardian newspaper, with a link to this website, a prime example of a high value link:

Total SEO in The Guardian

When you are running a business it can be difficult to find the time to source really high value backlinks, our advice is to speak to a professional and take the steps to get your website found on page one of Google for your most important keywords.

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