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How To Choose The Right SEO Company

January 31, 2019

It is easy to be overawed by the three-letter acronym of SEO. It is a word bandied around so much that it can be difficult to decipher what it actually is, what an SEO company does and whether your website needs SEO right now. Search engine optimisation does not have to be a daunting elephant in your business’ room. It can be the catalyst to drive more traffic, generate more leads and create a healthier, friendlier website.

Therefore, you will be tasked with choosing an SEO company that can offer you expertise and insight into how to upgrade and improve your website, its attractiveness to visitors and its rankings on major search engines. Below are three considerations to make when choosing the right SEO company:

1. Don’t succumb to promises: If you are told that your website will be top of the Google rankings within a month or that your website will be doubling its number of visitors after three months, run away as far as you can. When it comes to SEO practices, there is no set method for boosting rankings and no secrets or cheats that can bring many more customers to your website. An SEO company that understands this will try to provide you with a guide and roadmap of progress and the hopeful improvements that may happen over the long and short term.

2. Check out verified reviews from customers: Word of mouth is one of the best ways to understand more about an SEO company before you secure their services but failing that you can look at verified reviews that cannot be rigged or faked. One of the best review outlets for this is TrustPilot and you can see and compare how companies large and small have fared by searching through their site. If they are not on TrustPilot or do not have verified reviews on their website, tread carefully.

3. Make sure your business goals suit SEO: The most important aspect for choosing an SEO company is arguably understanding what the process is and whether this falls in line with your business’ objectives or targets for 2019. A set of business goals could be that you want to increase traffic, improve conversions or optimise your site across multiple platforms. These are perfectly fine for an SEO company worthy of your money to perform. However, if you are visiting an SEO company in the hope that they can redesign your website from scratch, magic customers to a brand-new site instantly or make people buy from your online store, you will need to review these objectives to fall in line with SEO principles.

Fortunately for you, Total SEO are able to shed a beam of light on SEO and help to break through the worries you may have about the process. Our team of experienced account managers, dedicated copywriters and helpful admin team are waiting to create and setup the ideal SEO campaign.

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