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Five Tips To Ranking In Your Local Area

January 7, 2019

Being the first listing in your area for your services will give you the best chance of securing custom from people searching in your town, city, village or county. You might serve one specific area, have a one fixed address or want to generate responses from across a county, but you will need to consider a number of things.

Location is a vital aspect of any website and it can make a big difference to your localised rankings. Meta data, location pages, Google My Business and more all contribute to effectiveness of your site when it comes to location. To give you a rundown of the best ways you can start ranking in the local area, here are five top tips to think about:

1. Google My Business: A vital aspect of any business that wants to rank on Google. If you are yet to set one up, you may be falling behind your competition. The easy-to-read information will give customers insight into where you are, what you do and a quick view of your reviews.

2. Accurate NAP information: Standing for ‘Name, address and phone number’, it is a simple but often-ignored aspect of SEO. A consistent NAP that runs through your site, Google My Business and even your social media page will ensure Google knows you’re not a spam website.

3. Areas you cover: Something that has received a lot of SEO buzz in recent months and throughout 2018 is location content. Targeted content for the areas that you cover is good, but it is much better to organise it into separate pages that outline exactly what you offer to your customers clearly.

4. Titles and meta data: Each page that shows up on Google can be seen as a mini advertisement. You have those few words to entice someone into clicking through to your site – especially with the growing use of snippets on Google. Transforming your titles and meta data will not only make your site look cleaner but it will help to categorise your website for certain areas you are looking to rank for.

5. Keyword focus: All content that you create on your site is a positive tick for SEO. Every additional article, blog or opinion piece can bring more traffic and increase stickiness on your site, but you can transform that by focussing your keywords. By honing your keywords and the areas you want to target, you can begin to weave the wording and the turns of phrases you are looking to rank for into your content.

These are just five of the many tips that are available to you when you speak with our professionals at Total SEO. We can work and run through the various options open to you when starting an SEO campaign to ensure that your business starts on the right foot and can begin to move closer to improving your localised rankings.

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