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Five Steps To Creating An SEO Plan For 2019

January 21, 2019

Reflection as a business is vitally important to start each year by putting your best foot forward. Looking back is the first place to look before you can start looking forward positively because if you cannot highlight issues or opportunities for your company in the upcoming months, how are you going to progress? Whether you see it as a set of resolutions or a loosely based plan for 2019, your SEO development depends on ensuring that your website is in the right shape and that it is sending the right signals to Google.

Our SEO experts at Total SEO have been providing search engine optimisation services for a number of years and throughout this time have gained a grip of this ever-evolving digital marketing strand. If you want 2019 to be your company’s breakthrough year, you will want to have a plan that you can measure in 12 months’ time. No matter if you keep this plan to yourself or you share it to your staff as motivation, here are five steps and considerations to take before creating an SEO plan for 2019:

1. Research the trending modes of searching: Trends change by the minute on social media and dissipate almost as quickly as they came. When it comes to SEO, the trends are sometimes as quick to become the norm, but they will stay that way for longer. Those who have a website that can adjust to the different and changing ways people search could be at the forefront in 2019. Voice search and mobile-first indexing are two vital elements to searching this year.

2. Ensure a regular stream of unique content: Content is a vital tool for your website to ensure that you inform and update Google. Blogs that pose questions, articles that implement keywords naturally and posts that are updated regularly can be planned in advance for the year.

3. Aim to improve your website’s performance: Page loading speeds, advertising popups, menus and scrolling are four ways that you can turn a visitor off when they land on your site. You should make it your goal to improve these factors in anyway you can to make your website look and feel smoother than ever.

4. Understand the best way to use featured snippets: 2019 has started off the way that 2018 finished in terms of SEO. The featured snippets aspect of Google’s first page now takes up a large section of the rankings. By researching and understanding snippets, you can get a head start on any competition you may be up against.

5. Hire an expert: If these things already sound like too many plates to spin at once, you may want to secure the services of an SEO company with a vast array of experience in this constantly moving world. Total SEO can provide you with the help and support that you need to move up the rankings naturally as well as help to improve your website from front to back.

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