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Five Reasons Your Website Needs Google Analytics

October 12, 2015

If you are responsible for marketing a business, you need to be able to keep track of how many people visit your website and how many people convert into enquiries and sales. Just the same as a physical location, like a shop, you want to know how many people are coming through the door.

When you know your traffic numbers and behaviour, you can start making sound decisions based around what the data tells you.

Google Analytcis is the tool for this and here are five reasons why your business needs it.

1. It’s Free.

Seriously, it’s free. It’s very difficult to turn down free things. All you need is a Google Account. Once you’ve got the account set up, just add the code onto your site and you’re good to go. Don’t worry if you’re not a technical person either, most websites make it easy to link up Analytics via site integration or easy to use plug-ins.

2. Where Are Users Going On Your Site?

While this is one of the more basic uses of Google Analytics, it is definitely one of the more useful tools. You can keep track of what pages your users are landing on, where they’re visiting afterwards and what pages they’re leaving the site from. Here’s a hint: If they’re all leaving on one page – change that page.

3. How Are You Being Found?

You can use Analytics to view all sorts of information on how people are reaching your site. By continually evaluating your traffic flow you’ll be able to focus your efforts on your more successful sources – whether that is via referrals, organic searches, marketing campaigns, or direct.

4. Track Your Important Goals & Events.

The number of things you can track on Google Analytics is pretty much endless. Do you have a video on your page and you’d like to see how many plays it’s getting? Analytics can do that for you. Do you have a contact form and you’d like to see how many submissions it’s receiving? Check, Analytics can do that for you too. Utilising this data to its full capability is crucial if you want to learn all the intricate details of your site and how you can improve it.

5. You Can Optimise Your Site using Data from Analytics.

Analytics will show you the true journey of your users from start to finish when they use your site. This data will let you pick up on what areas of your site are not as effective as they should be and work on them accordingly. Is that new video you spent ages working on only getting watched to 50% before viewers get bored? Thanks to Analytics you now know to shorten your video. If people are consistently leaving your site on the same page or taking the same action, you can spot these patterns of behaviour and tweak your site to improve things.

At Total SEO we have in-house Google Analytics qualified experts who can help you understand the data and more importantly ensure the correct action is taken to improve things.

If you would like to learn more about installing Google Analytics or getting your site found in Google searches, simply visit and request a free review.

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