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Three Huge Changes Planned For Google (5/31/2019)- Google are often on the front of every news feed as people clamber for the best possible tips and hints to get them ahead with their website online. Whether they are looking to boost their website’s ranking or find out what is most likely to change in the coming months, it’s watched by people from […]
SEO Mythbusting With Google’s New YouTube Series (5/10/2019)- Developers and SEO experts have always faced challenges relating to their communication and the application of their respective fields. The questions that are posed and queried by companies involved in SEO rarely have a cut and dry answer, but that may soon change. Google have decided to tackle the myths, misconceptions and questions that remain […]
Semantic Searches And How To Keep Your Keywords Attractive (4/24/2019)- Throughout the lifespan of SEO, we have seen widespread changes that relate to everything from the way users search, the importance of backlinks, meta data and everything in between. You will be hard-pressed to find something that hasn’t altered at least a little bit throughout this time. Despite its short lifespan, the development of SEO […]
Three SEO Trends To Track And Work With In 2019 (4/24/2019)- The entire industry is saturated with tips and tricks on how to make the most of your SEO practices. Many of them will be relevant to your business and others may not fit the way you want to move forward. It’s always important to talk with an SEO professional who is trained to understand how […]
Four Considerations When Starting Afresh With SEO In 2019 (3/14/2019)- To become a company worthy of a high ranking on the internet’s search engines it takes a combination of patience, hard-work and the advice of professionals. There are many ways in which you can enhance one area or another in your SEO practices, but sometimes it’s important to have a complete refresh, to start again […]
SEP & PPC Three Reasons To Merge SEO And PPC Together (3/4/2019)- Three-letter acronyms can easily get confused and become muddled in our minds. Business is full of them and while it tries to simplify our explanations, it can end up making us search for what the words stand for. This confusion extends past just the acronyms when it comes to PPC and SEO. Two buzzwords in […]
Choosing an SEO Company How To Choose An Outsourced Company For Your SEO (2/14/2019)- It is natural to think that SEO can be something which can be performed in house by adding a new department to your business. You may feel that your current marketing team plus a little bit of training can start to produce results, boost your rankings and see you seamlessly fight your competitors for the […]
SEO Checklist How To Choose The Right SEO Company (1/31/2019)- It is easy to be overawed by the three-letter acronym of SEO. It is a word bandied around so much that it can be difficult to decipher what it actually is, what an SEO company does and whether your website needs SEO right now. Search engine optimisation does not have to be a daunting elephant […]
Five Steps To Creating An SEO Plan For 2019 (1/21/2019)- Reflection as a business is vitally important to start each year by putting your best foot forward. Looking back is the first place to look before you can start looking forward positively because if you cannot highlight issues or opportunities for your company in the upcoming months, how are you going to progress? Whether you […]
Five Tips To Ranking In Your Local Area (1/7/2019)- Being the first listing in your area for your services will give you the best chance of securing custom from people searching in your town, city, village or county. You might serve one specific area, have a one fixed address or want to generate responses from across a county, but you will need to consider […]
Three Trends To Look Out For In 2019 (1/2/2019)- Preparing your website for the changes in SEO is an almost impossible job on your own. Every time you think that you have learned everything there is to know, there will be an update, an algorithm alteration or a completely new feature to get the hang of and understand.
Search Engine Optimisation Three Principles Of Organic SEO To Take Advantage Of In 2019 (12/10/2018)- A freshly designed website, an engaging social media account and a vision for your business’ future is a great platform to improve your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It will give you the springboard to attain the goals that you did not think were possible. However, you will need a helping […]
Mobile-Centric SEO Practices To Help Your Business Prosper In 2019 (11/26/2018)- It appears every time we think that we know everything about SEO something else comes into our periphery vision. Your website will have the potential to become a leader in your field, but it will need guidance on this journey from a team who understand how to squeeze every last drop of possible power from […]
Black Friday Website SEO Why Organise Your SEO Before Black Friday And Cyber Monday (11/12/2018)- The now-infamous tradition of Black Friday has spread its way across the world in recent years. This event is boiled down to slashed prices by the biggest retailers and special discounts in store and online. Black Friday has also become synonymous with the videos of 100s of people clamouring for a TV, but many are […]
The 5 Most Important Things To Improve for SEO (6/7/2018)- If you have a website you are no doubt keen to ensure it shows high in Google when people search for what you do.   Ideally you will have an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist working on your Google rankings, but not everyone has this luxury. Below are 5 things you can improve right now […]
Is your business ready for GDPR? (3/28/2018)- There’s been a lot of buzz around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the new set of guidelines that dictate how individuals and companies may acquire, utilise, store, and delete the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens. If you have subscribers based in the EU, you are responsible for following these regulations […]
Online Reviews: What is good about them and what is bad about them (1/19/2018)- Online Reviews: What is good about them and what is bad about them We’ve been receiving online reviews for a number of years and we are strong advocates of allowing your customers to voice their opinions about the services or products you provide. For example, if you were to search for ‘Total SEO reviews’ online, […]
What the Total SEO Reviews say about our Business (12/4/2017)- Ever since starting our business, when we had just a couple of employees to where we are now in 2017, with over 25 employees, our ethos has never changed. We created Total SEO because we wanted to deliver an open and honest SEO service to our clients. Transparency is the forefront of our business. We […]
seo Why you should never pay under £200 for SEO (11/17/2017)- If you own a business and have a website you no doubt get bombarded by emails and calls offering to get your website to the top of Google, often for a price that seems very attractive. Recently I have seen a couple of UK based SEO companies offering optimisation services from £99 a month. On […]
What does Google’s mobile changes mean for your website? (10/13/2017)- Google’s Mobile-first Index – What does it mean for you? Google is planning a major change to the way it ranks websites in 2018, so making sure you’re prepared early is vital. A vast majority of searches in 2017 on Google are via mobile devices.  Starting some time in the first quarter of 2018, Google […]
Total SEO Achieves Google’s highest Partner status (10/3/2017)- Aldershot based Total SEO and Marketing have been awarded Google’s prestigious Premier Partner status – a level achieved by only the best and most successful companies based on Google’s qualification criteria. To achieve this status Total SEO have demonstrated their commitment to delivering the best possible service to their clients.  Specifically this involves investment in […]
Total SEO Reviews SEO In 2017 (10/3/2017)- By: Simon Chapple, Director at Total SEO & Marketing Limited   Total SEO reviews SEO in 2017 – in an ever changing landscape we review how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has changed in 2017.   Several years ago, SEO was very much lead by content, domain name, backlinks and a number of other trust elements. […]
The Vital Number Most Business Owners Don’t Know (6/1/2017)- When you run a business or you are responsible for marketing, there are some basic numbers that are crucial for you to know. It is amazing how many clients we speak to that have no idea about the critical information we believe you need to know in order to make key business decisions. So what is […]
What SEO Results Can Be Achieved? (3/31/2017)- We are often asked about what results can be expected when we work on SEO campaigns for our clients, so we recently looked at a sample of our campaigns to see how the rankings looked at different points in the journey, we were impressed with the results and hope you are too. Out of a […]
Total SEO in the Community – Lecture at Barfield School in Surrey (3/6/2017)- Throughout the year Simon Chapple, Founder and Director at Total SEO and other members of the team will offer their time to give talks and lectures to schools and colleges to help students further their knowledge of online marketing and business on the internet, we do not make any charge for this. This opportunity gives […]
Now we have your attention… (12/12/2016)- We would like to show you how to get your website ranked higher in Google. Check out our video below, meet our team and find out what we do to help businesses just like yours. For a free review of your website visit
Page One of Google Pledge (12/8/2016)- Page One Pledge – At the start of your campaign we will agree on a list of search phrases to target, our aim will be to get as many of these onto page one of Google as possible. Obviously nothing can be guaranteed where Google organic rankings are concerned, however, we are confident in what […]
Penguin 4.0 is Here and Already Causing Havoc with Search Results. (10/27/2016)- As a business owner, it is important to be well aware of the implications from Google’s introduction of the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update. Penguin has existed in some form since 2012 and is Google’s attempt to battle sites considered to be spammy, for example those with poor quality or high volumes of irrelevant backlinks, keyword […]
Why you should NOT change your website to HTTPS for SEO (8/24/2016)- If you have a business with a website, it is vital you ensure you are visible and found when people search online for the product or service you offer. Making sure all aspects of your organic SEO are correctly set up will put you on the right path to achieving this. Recently there has been […]
The Three Keys to Success Online (8/3/2016)- If you run a business with a website, it is essential that you understand the three keys to success online, they will help you grow your business. Most importantly, once you understand them, you need to take steps to change and improve things and measure the results. No matter what your business does, whether you run […]
Get your free guide to keeping your business legal online (7/7/2016)- Anyone who owns a business needs to ensure they understand the rules when it comes to what you say and do online. Whenever you post new content online about your business, or make a comment on social media, there is a chance you could be falling foul of the law, often without even knowing it. We have […]
Now is the time to ensure your website has the best Google rankings (6/20/2016)- We’re well into 2016 now and it’s never been more important to make sure that your website is visible at the top of Google. Searches on Google are on the rise, especially on mobile devices, in fact mobile search has recently overtaken desktop and is showing no signs of slowing down. Below are the top […]
Is your website ready for the latest Google ‘Mobile-Geddon’? (5/12/2016)- Just over a year ago Google released the first version of its Mobile Algorithm update that changed the way Google ranked websites in search results, based on how mobile friendly your site was. Google have confirmed that it is releasing its second mobile update very soon, reinforcing the importance of having a mobile friendly site if […]
Total SEO are voted the UK’s number 1 SEO Company – Based on Trustpilot rankings as at 4th May 2016 (5/4/2016)- Total SEO are delighted to be the UK’s number one voted SEO company, this is based on the Trustscore rankings on Trustpilot, as at 4th May 2016. Trustpilot is an independent review website that allows consumers to leave verified feedback and a score for businesses they have dealt with. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent […]
How To Let Google Know Exactly What Your Website Is About (3/31/2016)- “Structured Data Markup” sounds complicated, but in simplest terms it’s a way to make your website content understood by Google (and other search engines). Google uses this data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results and even have it show within voice answers and the knowledge graph, all of which […]
Life’s better with a little colour!! (2/29/2016)- The Total SEO will be getting their trainers on this week to get a head start on their warm-up for the Phyllis Tuckwell Dash of Colour Run, on the 3rd September 2016. Members of the team are taking part in the popular charity 5k fun event, come cheer us on or do one better and […]
Big Changes to the way Google Displays Search Results (2/25/2016)- Google has rolled out some major changes to the way they display search results, you may have noticed them already. Most of these changes are directly related to the display of Sponsored PPC (Pay Per Click) search results – although they indirectly affect organic results too. The first change you may notice if you make […]
Big Google Update Shakes Up UK Search Results (1/29/2016)- Over the past couple of weeks, Google has been making significant updates to its Core Algorithm resulting in some wild ranking fluctuations in search results around the world, many website owners here will have realised that UK websites have not escaped. To make matters worse for business owners, Google has also added their Panda update […]
Google’s Next Update Will Affect Your Website (1/7/2016)- The first predicted update for Google in 2016 is the Penguin 4.0 update, if you have a website, you need to be ready. The Google Penguin algorithm was first launched in April 2012 to penalise websites deemed to be cheating search results with dodgy link building tactics. The good news is that with the release […]
Google Ready Your Website For 2016 (12/2/2015)- With 2016 right around the corner and indications that Google will be making further updates to the way it ranks websites, it is vital to ensure your website is ready for the New Year. Here are five tips that mean you can move into the New Year full of confidence that your website will rank […]
7 Google Factors That Can Kill Your Website Rankings (11/18/2015)- There are many factors that determine how Google views your website. If Google loves your site you can be rewarded with high rankings in search results, however there are many issues that can cause the opposite effect. Below are 7 factors that could cause a serious loss in your Google Rankings. 1. Duplicate Content Google […]
5 Simple Ways To Help Increase Your Business (11/5/2015)- Anyone trying to grow their business will know the importance of generating quality leads, below are 5 smart ways to get more enquiries. 1. Use Lead Generation Cards on Twitter Not only is Twitter useful for engaging with your potential customers and creating brand awareness, it is also a great way of getting quality leads […]
Five Reasons Your Website Needs Google Analytics (10/12/2015)- If you are responsible for marketing a business, you need to be able to keep track of how many people visit your website and how many people convert into enquiries and sales. Just the same as a physical location, like a shop, you want to know how many people are coming through the door. When […]
Google ‘Direct Answers’ Are Changing SEO – How Will This Affect Your Site? (9/22/2015)- With the ever increasing technology behind Smartphones and the fact that they are now the most popular device for getting online – Voice Search and Direct Answers are among the newest tools that will directly affect how Google views your website. Direct Answers are results provided by search engines, they are given in response to […]
Digital Marketing Jobs in Surrey & Hampshire Time for a new career? We are hiring! (9/14/2015)- Total SEO & Marketing are now hiring and want someone to join our team as a Digital Marketing Account Manager at our office in Aldershot. We are a busy internet marketing agency based in Aldershot, Hampshire and seek someone bright and ambitious to join us as a Digital Marketing Account Manager. We specialise in: Search […]
5 Things Holding Your Website Back in Google (7/22/2015)- How to ensure your websites dominates the search engines As a business owner you may wonder why your website isn’t showing higher in Google searches, below are 5 things that may be holding you back: 1. Your website isn’t mobile friendly – Google recently updated their algorithm and stated that websites that are not mobile […]
Total SEO Reviews (7/4/2015)- If you are looking to find out more about Total SEO & Marketing you can read many positive reviews and testimonials from our clients. We update our website regularly with the latest Total SEO reviews, you can see the very latest here Click to Read Latest Reviews You can also find many reviews about the […]
Latest Google Changes to Impact UK Searches (7/2/2015)- From: Simon Chapple – Head of Search Marketing at If you have a business website you may want to brace yourself for the latest update from Google, rumoured to be coming in the next month or two. Google regularly updates the way it ranks websites in searches and the latest update is believed to target poor […]
Total SEO Team Run for Charity (5/12/2015)- Members of the Total SEO team will be fundraising by running for Childreach International this June. On the 7th June, some of the Total SEO-ers will be running the Brackenwood Festival 5K for our partner charity Childreach International. Childreach International work with local communities, children and their families in the developing world to secure Children’s […]
How Google Maps will help your business (5/11/2015)- Over the past 12 months Google Maps has become more and more integrated into mainstream search results, most searches for a service or business product now include a map listing within the results on Google. Even non-regional searches (searches without an area/location included in the search terms used) often return a map listing. As a […]
Boost Your Website 5 Tips to make your website boost your business (3/26/2015)- 1. Think like a visitor – you need to take the time to look at your website as a potential customer would see it? How does it look and feel? How easy is it to navigate? Does the content flow? Is there an end goal? Such as a call to action or sales process that […]
Why your website needs to be mobile friendly (3/20/2015)- Wherever you are, you will see people using smartphones, as mobile providers provide a faster service, better coverage and handsets continue to evolve, the reliance on handheld devices continues to grow. The average website will get 35-50% of visits from users on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Anyone who runs a business with a […]
Total SEO Reviews (3/9/2015)- Total SEO Reviews, here at Total SEO we are always keen to share reviews and testimonials about our business, we love to show the positive feedback we receive from our clients and we also love to have the opportunity to address any questions, queries or concerns that may be raised. You can read the latest […]
A simple way to protect your business (2/26/2015)- If you own a business, it is vital that you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, on top of this, you also need to ensure you spot potential new opportunities and look out for dangers that could harm your business. There is a simple process called a ‘SWOT Analysis’ that business owners should follow, […]
Charity SEO Partnership Partnership with charity Childreach International (2/5/2015)- We are delighted to announce that we are working with Childreach International to help make their website more visible and raise awareness about their cause. Childreach International help children around the world, working to break down barriers that stop them having the lives that children should. Read more about the partnership here.
SEO Taxi Advertising Should you market your business offline? (1/30/2015)- Here at Total SEO we are advocates of just about everything related to marketing businesses online, we know that having great visibility online is the key to growing your business. However, many business owners are unsure of the best way to market themselves online, without expert help it can seem like a minefield. The best […]
How SEO & Tea are the same! Treat your online marketing like your cup of tea (1/28/2015)- At Total SEO we love nothing more than a nice cup of tea,  in fact, some of the team here get through 5 or 6 cups a day! We drink so much, that we now have an office tea urn. Although it is a great convenience, the problem with a tea urn, is that the […]
Get More Sales You want to turn more website visitors into sales, but how? (1/21/2015)- You want to turn more website visitors into sales, but how? By Simon Chapple – Head of Search Marketing You want to turn more website visitors into sales, but how? Any business owner with a website needs to ensure they are doing all they can to convert as much of their traffic into new enquiries […]
Climb Online – Get Found on Google (12/22/2014)- If you want to get your website more visibility, you need to climb online and ensure your site is showing high in Google for searches that are relevant to your business. Many business owners struggle to find an effective way to climb online, especially when they are in a competitive marketplace with many other business […]
BBC TV Apprentice - Climb Online with Google SEO BBC TV Apprentice – Climb Online (12/22/2014)- With the climax of the 2014 BBC TV Apprentice, Lord Sugar announced he would be going into business with 2014 winner Mark Wright, with the plan of starting a Digital Marketing Agency called Climb Online, offering services to small/medium sized business including SEO and PPC. Would you let an Apprentice loose on your company website? […]
SEO for Letting Agents and Estate Agents SEO for Estate Agents & Letting Agents (11/24/2014)- If you run an Estate Agents or Letting Agency, it is vital that your company website is highly visible to potential clients in the areas you need to cover. Most agencies try and cover a radius of around 15 miles, often covering several different towns and villages. The most effective strategy to get a decent […]
How to get quality backlinks How to get the best links to your website (11/12/2014)- The best links to your website, the ones we call “Golden Backlinks” are from websites that are highly trusted by Google, these are generally, newspapers, educational establishments and government agencies, the kind of places you usually can’t get listed on without a lot of luck or knowing someone on the inside. Well, this isn’t the […]
Grow your business How to Increase Your Sales & New Business (11/10/2014)- As a business owner it can be a constant battle trying to generate new enquiries and convert them into sales and new customers. However, many business owners can improve the amount of new business they get by taking some simple steps that will make a huge difference. Below are a handful of the top tips […]
5 Common Business Mistakes 5 Common Business Website Mistakes (10/29/2014)- It is all very well generating lots of traffic to your website, but if you haven’t taken steps to ensure your site converts that traffic into business, you could be paying the price. There are many tricks for ensuring your traffic converts at the highest possible level, below are five of the most common. Of […]
SEO for Training Companies SEO for Training Companies (10/27/2014)- If you run a Training Company it is vital that you have an effective marketing plan, both offline and online. Making sure potential clients find your website is really important, the more traffic you get from visitors who are looking for what you offer, the more enquiries and new business will follow. SEO (Search Engine […]
SEO Company in Guildford SEO in Guildford (10/27/2014)- Total SEO are the leading SEO company in Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding area. We have been helping business owners in Guildford, Woking and all of Surrey and beyond get on page one for nearly 10 years and have the skill and expertise to help anyone in Guildford with a website get ranked higher in […]
Marketing Internship Vancancy at Total SEO & Marketing Ltd (10/17/2014)- Job description – Trainee Account Manager at Total SEO & Marketing Ltd – 12 Month Marketing Internship Job Vacancy Total SEO & Marketing are looking for an intern to join our team – we are a busy internet marketing agency in Aldershot seek an intern as a Trainee Account Manager to join our team. We specialise […]
Hibu changes name back to Yell, what now? (7/15/2014)- Most business owners will have come across a marketing firm called Hibu, at Total SEO we often hear stories about the results they achieve for their clients, and their sales agents using pushy tactics to try and get businesses to sign up with them. Hibu is the digital arm of the Yellow Pages, in 2012 […]
5 Mistakes Businesses Make Online (7/8/2014)- At Total SEO we specialise in helping businesses get found on Google and win more new business from being found online, when we are reviewing business websites and looking at their overall online presence we see the same mistakes, time and time again. Here are the 5 most common mistakes businesses make online, take the […]
It’s not just about page one of Google (7/2/2014)- By: Simon Chapple Many business owners believe that having their website on page one of Google is the holy grail – the be all and end all – and is the one thing that will guarantee them success and future growth, but there is more to it than this alone. In many cases, this is […]
Marathon success (4/16/2014)- Simon Chapple, Director at Total SEO has made the team proud by completing the London Marathon 2014. He completed the 26.2 mile course in 3 hours and 52 minutes and raised over a thousand pounds for his chosen charity SANDS. Simon is already planning his next marathon for later this year or early next year.
Welcome to the team Josh! (3/20/2014)- We are delighted to welcome Joshua Perry to the team here at Total SEO & Marketing. Josh joined the team last month as an Account Manager and is responsible for analysing websites, implementing SEO strategies, sponsored advertising, reporting and ensuring our clients achieve their goals of reaching the front page of Google for their most important keywords and get more new business […]
5 SEO tips for a higher Google ranking in 2014 (1/29/2014)- January is here and a Happy New Year! With frosty winter mornings comes the promise of crisp new business – but not if your website remains unseen in Google! To get your business to the top of Google, strip your SEO right back to basics with these 5 top tips, or speak to the team […]
Welcome to the team! (12/5/2013)- We are delighted to welcome Natalie Cooper to the team here at Total SEO & Marketing. Natalie has joined the team as an Account Manager and will be responsible for analysing websites, implementing SEO strategies, PPC advertising, reporting and ensuring our clients achieve their goal of reaching the front page of Google and getting more new business […]
Make Sure Your Visitors Stay Strong During Christmas & New Year (12/2/2013)- With Christmas fast approaching you can’t afford to ignore your web presence during the festive period and into the New Year. Keeping your visitor numbers strong is vital if you want to ensure business does not drop off during this time. It is a great time to promote special offers, be active on social media […]
Reduce your Bounce Rate and get a better Google ranking (10/25/2013)- Reduce your bounce rate and get a better Google ranking By: Francesca Jolly You may have heard the term ‘Bounce Rate’ in relation to your website and analytics. Your bounce rate plays an important part in your site performance, it is a good indicator of the behaviour of your visitors and how they engage with […]
The Top 5 Myths of SEO (9/27/2013)- When it comes to getting your site to the top of Google, many people will tell you many different things, it is important that you understand fact from fiction in order to stand a realistic chance of getting your site onto the front page of Google. So below we have put together the top 5 […]
You Can Increase Your Google Ranking With Social Media (9/4/2013)- Get Better Google Rankings with Social Media Recent updates to the Google algorithm mean that businesses can take advantage of social media to potentially achieve better rankings in the search results. Google now, more than ever before, takes into account the social media activity of individual websites and this plays a part in how they […]
Why is your website not on page one of Google? (8/15/2013)- The team here at are here to help if you need to get your website higher in Google. In the current digital era, any UK business owner with a website needs to ensure they have a strong presence on the first page of Google in order to get plenty of new business from being found online, […]
How to Take a Screenshot on Mac & PC (8/2/2013)- Sometimes you may encounter the need to take an image of what is on your screen, this is known as a screenshot. So the question is how do you capture the image of what is on your screen? Depending on what information you are trying to capture and also what type of computer you are […]
How to get more business with Social Media (7/29/2013)- Many businesses have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and the other major social networking websites, however, many are also failing to harness the real power of social media and use these platforms to generate new business.   A well managed social media presence raises awareness and results in many new potential customers engaging with the business and ultimately turning into sales, many businesses fail to realise that social […]
What is FTP Access and why do we need it? (7/29/2013)- FTP Access – What is it and why do we need it? When we start an SEO campaign we will often ask you to provide us with FTP Access. FTP is the protocol used to transfer files (data) from a computer to a website or visa versa, it stands for File Transfer Protocol, with the […]
How to Succeed with SEO in the UK (5/28/2013)- We are often asked what is the best way to succeed with SEO in the UK and whether there is a different strategy required for SEO UK and optimisation in other countires around the globe. The simple answer is that Google is global and as far as we know, the same algorithm applies, regardless of […]
Google Algorithm Update On The Way (5/22/2013)- Google Penguin 2.0 Update is Coming Soon Google has officially announced that their latest search engine algorithm update is on the way, the latest version of last years Penguin update is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, probably hitting the UK version of Google in early to mid June. When the first […]
5 Ways To Make Your Website Listing Stand Out In Google (3/28/2013)- With Google giving over more and more of their front page to non-organic listings, it is vital that you do all you can to make your website listing stand out from the rest, by making your website stand apart from the other listings and jump out at searchers will mean you have the very best […]
5 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Company – Before you work with them! (1/10/2013)- 5 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Company – Before you work with them! Anyone serious about getting their website onto page one of Google will likely need the help of a professional SEO (search engine optimisation) company to help them get the rankings that will result in more traffic and more new business. It […]
Google Search Page Gets New Look (11/8/2012)- Google Search Page Gets New Look Google is about to introduce a new look to their search results page in the UK. The search giant has already released the latest version of their search page in the US and it is expected to be rolled out in the UK very soon. The changed layout sees […]
Fast, Reliable Website Hosting (9/27/2012)- We Now Offer, Fast, Reliable Website Hosting When you run a business, you need to ensure your website is live and up and running at all times, this means having fast, reliable website hosting with a provider you can trust. Failure to keep your site online will not only result in a loss of business, […]
How Long Does SEO Take to Work? (8/23/2012)- When starting a new search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign on a website, a common question we are asked is how long will it take to see the site on the front page of Google, good question! If you have a strong SEO strategy in place involving all of the following (and more): Keyword Analysis Competitor […]
Do You Have a Backup of Your Website? (8/10/2012)- I speak to a lot of website owners and I am always surprised at how many of them don’t have a backup of their website and don’t realise the dangers of not keeping one. If you don’t have a backup of your website and the files are deleted from your host server then the site […]
Google Penguin – Why Content Matters (7/16/2012)- You may have heard about the latest Google search update, it is called Google Penguin and was designed to mainly target websites that have “over optimised”, the kind of sites that have suffered with a drop in the search rankings on the back of the Google Penguin update are mainly those that have used aggressive […]
Google Update Targets Over Optimisation (5/5/2012)- Google has recently updated their search algorithm, the latest update is called “Penguin” and it has already affected over 3% of English search queries, causing some sites to drop sharply in the search engine results. The update has been described by Google as a “Spring Clean” and appears to have been designed to target websites […]
Google Chrome Becomes “Multi Device” Browser (4/11/2012)- Users of the Google Chrome internet browser will soon be able to access tabs and recent browsing history on other devices, so long as they are signed in to their Google account. The new feature is aimed at internet users who go online via multiple devices, including smartphones, iPads and laptops. A post on the […]
Google to Overhaul Search Results (3/15/2012)- Google is having one of the biggest overhauls of their search engine results to date and now plans on giving searchers more than just a “list of links”. Media reports say that Google will not be replacing the current keyword-search system, which determines the importance of a website based on the relevance, quality of content, […]
Google Downgrades Websites with Adverts (2/10/2012)- If your website carries a lot of adverts you may find that you will be facing a drop in the Google search results in the coming weeks, in fact, some advert carrying websites have already been hit hard. Google have updated their search algorithm to target websites that have high levels of adverts and there […]
Use Opt in E-mail Marketing to Get More Business (1/18/2012)- We can help you win more new business with targeted email marketing campaigns to our “double opt in” database of UK businesses. Our e-mail marketing campaigns are sent directly to the key decision makers within the businesses you want to target and you can choose the campaign parameters to ensure your e-mail message reaches the […]
How Many Links Do I Need To My Website? (12/12/2011)- “How Many Links Do I Need To My Website?” is a question most people looking to get their site onto the front page of Google or any of the other major search engines will likely ask themselves at some point. Links are an important element of achieving success at the top of the search engines, […]
How to Get More Leads From Your Website (10/28/2011)- It is crucial to ensure your website is generating as many leads, enquiries and sales as possible, and there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you maximise every opportunity and make sure your website is an online lead generation machine. Learning how to get more leads from your website and improving […]
Why SEO Works (10/12/2011)- Many people ask us if SEO really works, the short (and simple) answer is yes and here’s why SEO works. If SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is carried out properly then it will usually work, regardless of the industry or keywords being targeted. “Doing it properly” means good old fashioned hard work, this involves changing […]
How to SEO Your Website (8/26/2011)- We are often asked questions about how to achieve great results at the top of the search engines by people wanting advice about how to SEO your website, SEO requires a lot of effort, time and hard work and sometimes an element of luck is also involved. If you are looking to find out how […]
How to Write Great Page Titles (8/26/2011)- As SEO experts we are often asked how to write great page titles, the answer is not a simple one and it it can be hard to get the perfect page titles, to write great page titles can take a lot of time, thought and research and it can also involve a little trial and […]
Google Gives More Page Space for Exact Matches (8/17/2011)- This week Google has introduced an improvement to the Sitelinks feature that appears when searchers type in an “exact match” search for a business or brand. An exact match is when a searcher types in the name of the business, group, brand or person they are looking for. You may have seen in the past, […]
How to Submit a New Website to Google (8/4/2011)- Many people ask how to submit a new website or an updated URL to Google for inclusion in the search engine results, at Total SEO we believe the best method is to let the search engines find you naturally through links you have built to the site, this method is more natural than submitting to […]
Total SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Company SEO on Eagle Radio (8/1/2011)- Total SEO & Marketing Ltd are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts covering Surrey, Hampshire and the rest of the UK and we are proud to be associated with 96.4 Eagle Radio. We are experts in making business websites appear on page one of Google and the other major search engines. Our latest SEO adverts on […]
Page Load Speed Impacts SEO (7/29/2011)- In recent months Google has been taking into account page load speeds as one of the (many) important factors within the organic search results algorithm. Google has now announced a new service called Page Load Speed, which promises to speed up website page load times by up to 60%. From the information supplied by Google […]
Google +1 Button Arrives in UK (7/8/2011)- The Google +1 button has finally arrived in the UK, users will have seen the +1 button on some websites and also next to search results when using Google, here’s a summary of how the +1 button works: Let’s say you own a hotel in Madrid. Brian had a lovely stay at your hotel last […]
Is SEO worth the money? (6/15/2011)- Many people ask whether Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is worth the money, some business website owners see SEO as a gamble with no guarantee of results at the top of the search engines and are understandably wary about spending large amounts of money. It is important to avoid any SEO company making guarantees about […]
How to Optimise Flash Pages (5/13/2011)- Flash on websites often looks great, with moving images and animation it is possible to give websites a fantastic professional look and feel that provides a really unique and engaging experience for visitors. The downside is that search engines can’t read Flash in the same way they can read standard content on a HTML site […]
How Often to add New Content? (4/15/2011)- As SEO experts, we are regularly asked “how often should new content be added to a website for SEO purposes?”, the answer is simple and it’s the same with just about every website….as often as possible! With recent changes to the Google Algorithm it is more important than ever before to ensure regular, new and […]
Business SEO (4/8/2011)- Any business owner who wants to achieve more new enquiries and business from their website will need to ensure they are appearing as high as possible in the search engine results, in particular within Google, Yahoo and Bing. To achieve this it is essential that the website is properly optimised for the search engines, this […]
SEO Prices (3/27/2011)- Anyone looking for a reliable, professional SEO company to help them get their website to appear at the top of the major UK search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) will need to ensure the SEO prices they are offered provide the right return on their investment and will deliver results that increase both website visitors, […]
Latest Google Algorithm Update (3/17/2011)- The latest algorithm update from Google, referred to as the “Panda” update (possibly because some websites have been given two black eyes) took place just over a week ago and it looks like Google have got this update just about right. The changes Google have made now offer greater rewards to sites that regularly update with unique, engaging […]
SEO Company Costs (3/8/2011)- Anyone looking for reliable search engine optimisation services will need to research several things, one of the most important will no doubt be the SEO company costs, these can vary considerably from one SEO company to another and it is vital that a clear comparison is made so the website owner fully understands what they […]
SEO for Removal Companies (2/25/2011)- SEO for Removal Companies who have a website really is important if the business wants to ensure their website generates a good stream of quality new enquiries from potentially profitable new clients, any removal firm will understand that they work in a highly competitive industry sector and it is important to stay ahead of the competition, […]
2011 Offer – Free SEO! (2/1/2011)- For a limited time from 1st February 2011 we have a very special offer only available to any new clients who want to get their site to the top of Google and the other major search engines. Total SEO are offering the first month of any new SEO campaign totally FREE of CHARGE!   Places are […]
SEO Companies > What to ask (1/10/2011)- Anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy and professional SEO company can be faced with a difficult search, there are many SEO companies in the UK offering a wide range of techniques, strategies and promises to get your website to the elusive number one spot on Google and the other search engines. When researching SEO companies […]
Cheap SEO (1/8/2011)- Cheap SEO can be easy to find, but it is vital that anyone looking for cheap SEO companies ensures they are not only achieivng a value for money SEO campaign but also dealing with an SEO company who will get the results they are looking for in the search engines. Many people looking for cheap […]
Website Design & Build (1/7/2011)- As well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we offer a full web design and build service, whether a website is looking old, tired and in need of a revamp, or if a totally new website needs to be created from scratch our highly skilled web design team can help with every aspect of the process. Total SEO provide the highest […]
Page Title SEO > SEO Friendly Page Titles (1/5/2011)- Any SEO campaign can involve an element of trial and error, one of the most important things to get right is the page title, this is the information about the website that sits right at the very top of every page. Website owners looking to achieve great SEO results need to take the time to […]
SEO for Small Business (1/5/2011)- Any small business needs to ensure they make the very most of their marketing budget and ensure it generates the very best return. With more and more consumers now searching for products and services online many small businesses appreciate the need to be at the top of the search engines when potential customers search for what they offer. […]
Big Changes to Google Places (12/18/2010)- The last few weeks have seen some huge changes within Google Places (also known as Google Maps) that have meant many website owners have had to up their game in terms of their seo efforts. So, what’s actually happened? Google has started showing the list of Places/Maps results above (and sometimes within)  the organic listings on […]
You Can Get to the Top of Google (6/23/2008)- Get found in searches and you will win more new business   Get the results you need, with a high impact, affordable SEO campaign You can start now, by requesting a FREE SEO Review of your website * Guaranteed – 100% Great Results * Search Engine Optimisation that is Proven to Work * Professional, Caring […]
Free Website Review & Report (6/23/2008)- We offer a totally, free, no obligation review and report about your website, the report will provide the results of our in-depth analysis which will show your online strengths and weaknesses, the report will also make recommendations to help get your website featuring much higher in the search engine results. For your free website review […]
How to get on Page One of Google (6/23/2008)- Everyone wants their website on page one of Google, but how do you do it? The truth is that the only way to get your website on page one of Google is with hard work and perseverance. Once Google discovers a website it will keep coming back to see if anything has changed, if it […]
What’s Included in an SEO Campaign? (5/30/2008)- What’s included in an SEO campaign? We will undertake a full review of your website, paying particular attention to: Page Titles Page Descriptions Content (which we write for you) Google Page Rank (the green bar found on the Google Toolbar) Inbound & Outbound Links Keywords Site Layout We will then work closely with you and make […]
SEO Company in Camberley & Frimley, Surrey (5/21/2008)- At Total SEO & Marketing Ltd, we are a search engine optimisation company (SEO) covering Camberley, Mytchett, Bagshot & Frimley in Surrey and the surrounding area. Based just off the A331, a few miles outside Frimley, Surrey, we are ideally placed to help any business or website owner looking to get to thier site to the top […]
SEO Company Farnborough (4/10/2008)- Total SEO & Marketing Ltd are search engine optimisation (SEO) experts based just a few miles outside Farnborough in Hampshire, this means we are perfectly located to help any business or website owner in or around Farnborough who would like to get their site appearing at the top of the search engine results, Google, MSN/Bing, […]
Total SEO – Terms & Conditions (12/10/2007)- By engaging the services of Total SEO & Marketing Limited (hereafter referred to as Total SEO) you confirm that you have read ,are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions set out below. Definitions: The Client: The company or individual requesting the services of Total SEO. Total SEO: Provider of search engine optimisation […]
SEO Company Costs (5/27/2007)- SEO company costs can very from SEO company to company, it is important that anyone looking to engage the services of a search engine optimisation company takes the time to compare the costs and also to check exactly what they will be getting for their money, cheap SEO isn’t always the best option. When checking and […]
SEO Company in Farnham (3/8/2007)- Total SEO are an SEO company in Farnham, Surrey, based just a few miles from the centre of Farnham we are ideally located to provide search engine optimisation and online marketing services to business and website owners in Farnham and the surrounding area. We have achieved 1000’s of page one position for businesses in Surrey, […]
Website Design & Article Writing (1/19/2007)- As well as achieving amazing results in the search engines for our clients, Total SEO can also help with website design and writing unique copywritten articles to be used in news areas or website blogs. For more details about how we can help with web design and article writing please get in touch.
SEO Company Reviews (1/3/2007)- When choosing which SEO company to use, it is vital that the website owner checks out some SEO company reviews and finds out as much as possible about the firm they are considering using for their online marketing campaign. It is likely there will be SEO company reviews online, generally in forums and on review websites, it […]
SEO Company Surrey (11/24/2006)- Total SEO are an SEO company in Surrey, based just outside Guildford, Total SEO help website owners across the UK get their websites to the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN. For Surrey website owners being at the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing means more web traffic and more clients, SEO is an essential part […]
SEO Company in Guildford (11/22/2006)- Total SEO (search engine optimisation) are a specialist website SEO company in Guildford, Surrey, with offices based just outside Guildford in Surrey, making Total SEO are well located to assist website owners located anywhere in Guildford or the surrounding area. As well as Guildford in Surrey, Total SEO have clients throughout the UK, all of whom have […]
SEO Company Hampshire (11/22/2006)- Total SEO (search engine optimisation) are an SEO company in Hampshire, with offices based near Aldershot, Hampshire Total SEO are perfectly located to help website owners both in Hampshire and right across the UK to ensure they get their websites to the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN. For Hampshire webmasters and site owners making sure […]
SEO for Solicitors and Lawyers (10/22/2006)- Total SEO have considerable expertise when it comes to making legal related websites appear at the top of Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo and the other major UK search engines. Solicitors, Lawyers and claims companies with websites appearing at the top of Google will receive significantly more leads and enquiries from potential clients than firms who aren’t on […]
SEO Company in Basingstoke (10/14/2006)- Anyone looking for an SEO company in Basingstoke should get in touch with Hampshire’s Total SEO, we are the local online marketing experts with a speciality in making business websites appear at the top of search engines, Google, MSN/Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask. We are based just a few miles outside of Basingstoke in Hampshire […]
SEO Company in Fleet (8/14/2006)- Website and business owners in Fleet, Hampshire, who are looking to enhance their online presence should consider using a local, trustworthy SEO company who will be able to make their site appear at the top of the search engine results. At Total SEO we specialise in search engine optimisation and have a proven track record of […]
10 Diy SEO Tips from Total SEO (12/3/2004)- 10 DIY SEO Tips from Total SEO10 DIY SEO Tips from Total SEO
SEO Company in Farnham (1/2/0206)- Looking for an SEO company in Farnham? Total SEO, based a couple of miles outside of Farnham are the obvious choice. Having achieved thousands of Google page one positions for clients with websites in a wide variety of industries you can be sure that Total SEO will get your website to the top of the search engines. […]

Tell us about your website

We love looking at websites and will tell you how to improve your Google position.

Tell us about your website

We love looking at websites and will tell you how to improve your Google position.