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5 Ways To Make Your Website Listing Stand Out In Google

March 28, 2013

With Google giving over more and more of their front page to non-organic listings, it is vital that you do all you can to make your website listing stand out from the rest, by making your website stand apart from the other listings and jump out at searchers will mean you have the very best chance of getting people to click through to your site instead of your competitors.

Below are five suggestions that can help make your listing stand out in Google searches.

Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks below your listing can really make it really stand out, sitelinks will only show when the search is for an exact match for the business name and you can manipulate what Google shows in the sitelinks using Webmaster Tools, if sitelinks aren’t showing when you search for your company name you need to make sure Google knows what the name of your company is, this can be done by setting up a Google + business page and linking it back to your site, make sure you use the exact name you would want the sitelinks to appear for.

Below is an example of sitelinks in action:



Meta Titles & Descriptions

This is the text that Google displays in the search results, the link in blue is taken from the meta title and the text below it is generally from the meta description field of your website. By ensuring these are relevant and engaging will help draw people to them and encourage them click to through to your site, if the information being displayed in searches is not relevant, searchers will be much less likely to click on your listing, so make it as eye catching and keyword rich as possible.


Below is an example of a relevant meta title and description that stands out:



Google Authorship


If you have a blog on your website you can provide Google with more information about it with Google Authorship, it will publish some of the extra information with your posts in the search results, this can include an image of the author next to the listing, which can really help it stand out in searches.


Below is an example of a listing that stands out from the rest because of Google Authorship:


Google Authorship


Video Content


Google owns You Tube, which means well optimised You Tube videos can rank very well in the search results, they stand out really well because of the video thumbnail image shown next to the listing.


If you have video content, make sure you have a properly optimised You Tube channel, this can help you stand out from the crowd and lead to plenty more clicks and views.

The same applies to videos hosted on your own website.


Video Content


Google News


Google will show relevant news items in the search results, but only from news affiliated websites, while these listings only tend to stay on page one for a short period of time and change as the news changes, they still stand out and they are a great way to drive more traffic to your website.


By posting your newsworthy content into Google news affiliated press release portals will stand you the best chances of getting extra coverage on page one of Google and really standing out, better still, if you have a blog with multiple authors you can work towards getting your own site affiliated with Google News.

Here is an example of a news listing on page one:




These are just five of the many ways to make your Google listings stand out, there are many more and we are happy to offer specific advice to anyone looking to improve their presence in Google.


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