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5 Things Holding Your Website Back in Google

July 22, 2015

How to ensure your websites dominates the search engines

As a business owner you may wonder why your website isn’t showing higher in Google searches, below are 5 things that may be holding you back:

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1. Your website isn’t mobile friendly – Google recently updated their algorithm and stated that websites that are not mobile friendly will be treated less favourably than sites that function correctly on smartphones and tablets.

2. Slow loading website – Google is all about user experience, they want website visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily, if your website loads slowly and fails to provide a slick, quick experience, Google will hold it back in search results.

3. Keywords – It is essential that you know what keywords and search terms to target, there is no point aiming to reach page one for phrases that nobody is searching for, but likewise, it is often unrealistic to try and reach the front page for super competitive, single word terms. You need to strike a balance between search volume and competition and more importantly, once you know what keywords to target you need to ensure they are showing in the right places on your website.

4. Fresh content – Google wants to see websites that update regularly with fresh, engaging content, make sure your site has a blog or news area which is updated on a regular basis. Don’t publish low quality content, a long, informative piece is far more likely to rank in search results.

5. Trust – Take time to get other websites to link to yours, ask your suppliers, contacts and clients for a backlink for example. Good links to your website are like votes of confidence, make sure you are focused on this.

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