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5 Simple Ways To Help Increase Your Business

November 5, 2015

Anyone trying to grow their business will know the importance of generating quality leads, below are 5 smart ways to get more enquiries.

1. Use Lead Generation Cards on Twitter

Not only is Twitter useful for engaging with your potential customers and creating brand awareness, it is also a great way of getting quality leads through a function called lead generation cards. To utilise these you’ll need a Twitter Ad’s account.

In short, lead generation cards are Twitter adverts. You’ll have an image and a promotional offer to entice prospective clients to provide you with their details. When they expand your tweet, their name, email address and Twitter handle will be pre-populated and they’ll be one click away from providing you with this valuable data.

2. Live Chat on Your Website

Live Chat really is a must if you want to fully realise your potential when it comes to engaging with website visitors. The biggest reason for this is due to the ultimate convenience it offers.

Visitors are able to get the answers they need without having to pick up the phone or write out a long email, while website owners can speak to people who may never have got in touch without live chat being in place.

3. Website Prominent Call To Action

A call to action is something that entices visitors to provide you with their details (name and email address for example). Usually this information is given in return for something, whether this is a free pdf, download, information, or in our case, a free review of your website.

Think about what your visitors are looking for and what information would be of interest to them. For example, over 40% of our own visitors fill out the call to action at the top of our site.

4. Newsletter

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, sending email newsletters may seem a bit counter productive, but this isn’t the case. People open their emails daily and it’s much easier to keep on top of emails than it is social media. Your prospective customers may see 5-10% of their social media feeds but they’re going to see every single email.

Work on building up a database of email addresses and targeting the audience you want to get in front of – you won’t need to contact people that have no interest or relevance to your service or product. The more relevant audience the email is sent to, the more potential you’ll have for a click through to your site and a potential new enquiry. You can target potential clients via industry, location or even people who clicked on a link in a previous email and much more.

5. Leaving comments on Facebook sponsored ads

This is a seldom used technique which can work wonders when implemented correctly.

On Facebook, set up your feed so you see adverts that are targeting the same audience you want to target. When you find a relevant sponsored post in your feed, most people don’t realise that you can leave a comment that includes a link back to your own website.

Often, paid for adverts are reaching thousands of people. If you comment on the right posts you will be piggy-backing them and hitting the same audience with your comment, at no cost.

The key thing to remember with this is you need to make sure your comment is of interest, otherwise the owner of the sponsored post will remove it.

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