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5 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Company – Before you work with them!

January 10, 2013

5 Questions You Must Ask Your SEO Company – Before you work with them!

Anyone serious about getting their website onto page one of Google will likely need the help of a professional SEO (search engine optimisation) company to help them get the rankings that will result in more traffic and more new business.

It is important that anyone researching SEO for their business website asks the right questions, below are 5 questions we think everyone should ask, before they work with an SEO company.

1) Can I see some examples of results you have achieved for other clients and can I speak to some of your existing clients for a reference?

Any SEO company who deliver great results for their clients will be keen to show off what they have done for other websites and won’t hesitate to provide you with examples and references, if you come across a company who are reluctant to provide you with this information, be very cautious about them.

At Total SEO we love showing off the results we achieve for our clients, if you would like to see examples or even speak with some of our current clients, just ask.

2) Do I have to sign a contract?

Be wary of SEO companies who want to tie you into contracts, these are often impossible to get out of if you want to stop and often end in an unsatisfactory experience for the website owner.

At Total SEO, we don’t have any contracts or other tie ins, we prefer clients to stay with us because of the results we achieve, not because they are stuck in a contract they can’t get out of.

3) Can you guarantee SEO performance?

Any SEO company giving guarantees about performance and rankings should not be trusted (even Google themselves say this), a well run SEO campaign involves many variables, some of which are outside the control of the SEO company and the client, in a world controlled by Google, it is fundamentally impossible to give guarantees about rankings.

If you come across an SEO company offering guarantees it is important to dig deeper and find out how they do their SEO work, most importantly, it is worth raising questions about how ethical and above board the SEO work is, if they aren’t carrying out the SEO ethically it could damage your website and result in a Google penalty.

Refer back to questions one and two, these are far more credible than a guarantee.

4) What do we get for our monthly fee?

It is vital that anyone considering using an SEO company understands exactly what they are doing for the fee, make sure you also find out what the expected outcome of the work is and the approximate timescales involved, also ensure the SEO company will provide you with regular progress reports and feedback.

At Total SEO we ensure we provide clear information about what work we are doing within an SEO campaign and the expected results so that everyone involved understands what is happening, we also give our clients regular reports and updates, communication here is key to a great working relationship with our clients.

5) Do you work for any of my competitors?

Make sure you check if the SEO company you are thinking of using currently work for any of your competitors, if they do, you should consider using someone else as this could result in a conflict of interest, after all, there is only one top position on page one of Google.

At Total SEO we have a policy of only working with one company in the same industry/area, this way we never have two clients targeting the same keywords and never have any conflicts of interest.

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